Lessons from my launch

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Hey Reader,

This is the last email I'll send for a while.

4 emails in the space of 7 days is WAY too many.

(I'm sorry about this. I'll work out better segmenting for future launches!)

This said, I thought you'd like to hear my 5 top lessons from the launch of The Committed Writers Club.

TL;DR - It's gone so much better than I could have dreamed!

I'm SUPER grateful to the 13 writers who've signed up 🤗

And I'm happy to announce that I WILL be launching The Committed Writers Club this summer! 🙌

If you want to take part, this is your last chance.

There are just 2 spots left, and the doors will close today at 5pm EST!

Details on how to join are at the end of this email.

Lesson #1: Give, give, give for YEARS

I’ve been posting content for 6 years.

And I’ve been building this email list for 3 years.

That’s 1000s of pieces of content – both long and short-form.

Doing this has helped me build a loyal following across multiple platforms:

  • 14.2K followers on Medium
  • 1.3K writers on this email list
  • 1K followers on LinkedIn

And I’ve only asked my followers to take action a handful of times. (E.g. “Buy my ebook”)

99% of people don’t do this. They try to sell on the first night.

Newsflash: This doesn’t work

Lesson #2: Test your product

Last October, I wrote 30 articles in 30 days. But rather than do it alone, I invited other writers to join me.

Over 30 writers from around the world did.

And we had a blast!

I ran the challenge again last February, but I upped the stakes. Writers had to commit $30.

If they completed the challenge, they got their money back. If they didn’t, their money was split between the writers who did.

People LOVED this!

11 writers took part, and the feedback blew me away.

These challenges proved 3 things to me:

  • I can build online communities
  • I enjoy hosting them
  • Writers who took part saw incredible results

Lesson #3: Ask for LOTS of feedback

At the end of both challenges, I asked members for feedback:

  • What do you like most about this challenge?
  • What was your biggest win?
  • What could be improved?
  • Was there anything during the onboarding process that confused you?
  • “I’m considering creating a private writing community with benefits… Pricing tbd. Is this something that would interest you?”

They happily shared this information.

Lesson #4: Don't expect anything

Launching this club was scary.

I’ve given away SO many things for free.

Would people actually pay for it?

Sometimes, you've just got to let go. Leave it to faith.

If people want it, fantastic!

If not, move on to the next idea.

Lesson #5: Believe in yourself

You can do this ✨

📢 This is your FINAL CALL!

If you want to join The Committed Writers Club, PayPal your first month's membership ($50).

There are just 2 spots left.

And the doors won't open again this year.

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you're able to join me and 13 talented writers this summer :)


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