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Winning clients 101 using email

Published 11 months ago • 2 min read

Hey Reader,

Curtis Jackson (aka 50 Cent) has one of my favourite quotes of all time:

“One of the secrets to getting what you want in life is creating the perception that you don’t need a thing. That can be a difficult energy to project - especially when you’re struggling - but committing to that perception will make you more attractive professionally, personally, and even romantically.”

You should lean into this "not-needing-a-thing" energy when attracting clients.

Here's how.

Earlier this year, I wrote an article about Louise Henry.

She's an inspiring entrepreneur who recently launched Tim’s Club: a non-profit that’s dedicated to supporting those with autism to lead a full, purposeful life.

The article tells her story and gives tips on growing an online business.

And after it received positive comments, I decided to email Louise about the article:

And that was that.

I wasn't expecting anything. I wasn't asking for anything. I just thought she might like to know.

The next day, she sent me this wonderful response:

She did indeed share it out a bunch!

Over the next couple of weeks, she posted on Instagram about the article, and her posts led to a number of inbound opportunities for my freelance business! (She has over 30K followers)

During our email exchanges, I floated the idea of us potentially working together in the future.

I didn't push it, and we've since built a genuine friendship through my involvement in Tim's Club:

And that was that.


Last week, I noticed the article about Louise was getting picked up again by Medium, in part because one of my articles about Reddit had performed well.

I shared the good news with Louise in the same email thread as above (about 5 months after the original email):

Again, she was extremely gracious and kind.

And she also floated the idea of working together:

I sent her some suggestions, and I'm waiting to hear back, but I'm confident we'll make something stick.

And this, my friend, is how you can win clients using email.

Here's a quick summary of the steps:

  1. Write an article about an entrepreneur you admire/may want to work with
  2. Publish the article online (Medium, Beehiiv, Substack, LinkedIn, etc.)
  3. Email the entrepreneur about the article
  4. If they reply, float the idea of working together in the future
  5. A few months later, follow up with some stats about the article

It's worth stressing that I didn't write this article with the intention of working with Louise.

I'm just a big fan of her work and wanted to share her story.

However, as long as your intent is positive and you're providing value, you can reverse-engineer this process using the steps above to attract clients.

And the cherry on top is you'll be building your portfolio!

Thanks so much for reading, best of luck with this client-attraction method, and here's a link to the article about Louise in case you're looking for inspiration :)


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