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How to build your reputation so that you're overwhelmed with opportunities

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Hey Reader,

I want you to meet Jenn.

We met through my Free 30-Day Writing Challenge.

For the last 5 weeks, I've held open office hours, and Jenn hopped on. We got chatting, and she asked lots of great questions about writing.

I also learned she has a successful YouTube channel (~170K subscribers).

Later that day, I received a DM from my friend Christine. We’ve been friends for years. She was one of my podcast’s first guests, and I guested on her show to chat about SEO.

This is why she thought of me:

“I have a friend who is based in Europe also looking for a Youtube SEO audit and immediately thought of you […] Is this something you offer?”

Crazy coincidence, right?!

I could have taken this opportunity myself, but YouTube isn’t my wheelhouse. So I thought about Jenn.

She’d be perfect for this!

So I hopped on Discord and fired Jenn a message.

Long story short?

I introduced Jenn and Christine via email...

... And they took it from here:

Now, I’m not telling you this story to say, “Look how great I am!”

Okay — maybe a little ;)

It just illustrates two principles I live by:

  1. Live with integrity (i.e. do the right thing, even when no one is watching)
  2. Opportunities will present themselves when you put in the work

Want to learn my cheat code that will send opportunities like this your way?

You can learn all about them in my latest article :)

Happy reading, and have a great weekend!


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Entrepreneurs Can Party

By Scott Stockdale

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